MapSnap helps you remember your favorite spots. Whether its seafood restaurants or skateparks, you can take a photo and MapSnap will store it for you along with its location. You can also use photos from your library and MapSnap will grab their location automatically. Next time you're out and trying to remember which of your favorite places are nearby, open MapSnap and have a look.

More features coming soon! Feature requests are also welcome below in the comments section.


  1. Dennis says:

    In the Apple iTunes Store, you stated that: ” you can take a photo or use one from your photo gallery ” My response is, why Can’t you make it available as well for all the iTouch Users too?

    • brian says:

      Hey Dennis, to be honest I hadn’t really thought about the iPod touch since the app relies on both GPS and photo functionality. However, I suppose if you have a wifi connection, then you can use the map feature, and if you have photos synced to your iPod from your computer, you could use a photo as well. Is that how you imagine using the app?

  2. Kelly says:

    I downloaded your app today and really like it! clean interface and super easy.
    Only issue I have is that the map is totally un editable. The pin bounces into view, and then just bounces and bounces and bounces.
    It was pretty much in the right place so no big deal, but I would not have been able to pull an image from my camera roll and place the pin in the location where the image was taken, kwim?
    Thanks for a great app!

    • brian says:

      The pin bouncing issue is a bug that seems to have arisen with the last update. A fix is actually in the submission process right now, so watch for an update hopefully within the week. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. weltweites says:

    Hi Brian,

    i just found your app .. and i like it !!
    I posted also a review … but .. do you think you could add some “extra” features ?

    I had also once the app “Photo Map” but your interface is really clean … thats what i like

    The extra features would be :

    - video + map via email/mms ?
    - not only google-mpas but also terrain view ?
    - 2 maps ? 1 small and 1 big (like Photo+Map)

    Thanx 4 a reply !!

  4. Yannick says:

    Hi Brian,

    Been using the app for quite a while now and it’s so good really!
    Only a few things that I’d like to see changes in.
    - Sort on alphabetical order or be able to change around the order of spots.
    - Perhaps have folders for countries? At the moment I have over 10 different folders with cities in Europe, it would be nice to have a better
    - Add extra photos, for skatespots this is handy cause you can add detailed photos of the ledges etc. Or when it’s a big square you can
    photograph several ledges, stairs etc and show them in one spot.
    - Be able to send it to your email address or something so that you can share it with friends easily all over the world. What would be the best is
    if there was something like My Maps in Google Maps.

    Anyway, thanks for one of my favourite apps!


    • brian says:

      Hi Yannick,

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you find the app useful. Good points and I will definitely keep them in mind for the next round of updates.


  5. Ed says:

    Brian, great app. I just downloaded it and used it to document the damage that occurred around town from Snowtober. Is there some way that a map with all of the pictures and geotags can be exported or shared? Would it be possible to embed it on a web site?

    Also I was using this on an iPad rather than an iPhone. Are you going to be ,along an iPad version?



    • brian says:

      Hey Ed,

      Unfortunately there’s no way to export a map at the moment, and also no plans for iPad just yet. What I’m working on right now is tying MapSnap in to a backend to enable sharing between users and syncing across devices. Once this is done I could see an export of all spots being possible. Stay tuned!


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